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Bowersox Involved in Sheetz Annexation

In their first annexation approval in several years, the Mayor and Common Council of the City of Westminster approved the annexation and zoning of property for a new prototype Sheetz convenience store.

The annexation approval occurred at a hearing conducted as part of the Council’s July 13, 2015 meeting. Representing the applicants was attorney Dave Bowersox of our office.

The result of the decision will be the inclusion of more than 8 additional acres within the corporate limits of the city on the east side of town along Md. Rte. 140.

Bowersox questioned a staff report made available to the applicants just a few days prior to the hearing. The report included proposed conditions for the annexation first mentioned—regarding a deed for part of the applicant’s property for future potential widening of Md. Rte. 140 to the State Highway Administration. Along with the report was the execution of an additional Annexation Agreement with the city prior to annexation approval.

In arguing that the proposed deed to the state was premature, Bowersox said, “We don’t know the extent of what’s happening with the property.” He also mentioned his clients are reluctant to leave 15-feet of land for possible road expansion when the project may change over time.

Instead, Bowersox suggested that the matter be handled in the traditional course and that any road conveyances be made only after Sheetz submitted a site plan which the State Highway Administration along with other state and local agencies.

Agencies could then review in order to better determine just what the needs for highway improvements really are. This allows the annexation approval to move forward and Sheetz to begin preparation of a site plan to submit for review and approval immediately.

The Council unanimously approved the annexation and zoning without the challenged conditions.

You can read more about the annexation and Bowersox’s involvement in the process by visiting the Carroll County Times article here:


How to Manage a Divorce in Maryland

Maryland divorce attorney

A divorce is one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life. At times, it can feel like your human rights are being taken away from you.

How do you protect yourself during a divorce? What steps can you take to make sure your rights stay safe? Here are some tips that will help you do exactly that.

Immediately Contact an Attorney

Every day, family attorneys across America get calls from worried men and women saying something like this:

“I was just served divorce papers. What do I do now?”

Family law attorneys often specialize in divorce law. If you can find a good divorce law specialist, you should contact them immediately after you decide (or discover) you’re getting a divorce.

The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner you can take steps to protect your assets. One of the interesting things about divorce law is when couples have the same family attorney: the first person to contact that attorney and ask for their legal services will gain access to that attorney while locking out the other partner in the marriage. If you have a good family lawyer you like, contact them immediately before your spouse (or ex-spouse) does the same thing.

Here Are Questions You Need to Consider:

In regards to the marital home you share:

  • Who stays in the home?
  • Can one party buy out the other’s interest?
  • Should the property be sold?
  • What happens if one party puts a significant down-payment of their individual funds into the purchase of the property?
  • What if the home is titled only in one party’s name?

In regards to retirement benefits:

  • Are the benefits a “defined benefit plan” like a 401K or a 403B, or a “defined contribution plan” like a pension which provides monthly benefits over the life of the employee?
  • When were the benefits earned – before or after the marriage?

In regards to personal property:

  • How is the personal property going to be divided?

In regards to vehicles:

  • When was the vehicle purchased?
  • How is it titled?
  • Is there a loan outstanding?

In regards to debts:

  • How are debts going to be handled – loans, credit cards, etc.?

In regards to bank accounts:

  • Are they join or individual?
  • How many bank accounts?
  • How are each account used?

In regards to alimony:

  • What are the respective incomes of the parties?
  • What is the ability of the dependent spouse to become self-supporting?
  • What are the ages of the parties?
  • Are there any health issues?

In regards to health insurance:

  • Who holds the current coverage?
  • Will that party continue to provide coverage for the other party up to the date of divorce?
  • Is there an ability for the other party to stay on the coverage after the divorce?

In regards to tax returns:

  • Will the parties file jointly or individually?
  • How should any refund be divided?
  • Are there any advantages to filing jointly?

Keep Records of Everything

During a divorce, a single missing paper or document could instantly jeopardize your case against your spouse. If you want to have the best possible chance of preserving your rights in court and out of court, then you’ll want to keep careful track of all documents. Make copies, take pictures, and have backup copies in cloud storage.

Don’t Agree to Anything You Don’t Understand

One of the most important rules of divorce law is that you should never sign anything you don’t understand. Once you’ve signed a divorce settlement agreement, there’s no turning back: you’ve locked into the conditions of that agreement. Something as simple as your signature on a piece of paper could take your kids and house away from you forever – so make sure you have a competent lawyer read over everything long before you put the pen to paper.

Looking for a competent team of family lawyers in Carroll County, Maryland? Whether you’re looking for a family law attorney in Westminster or anywhere else in Carroll County, the law firm of Hoffman, Comfort, Offutt, Scott & Halstad LLP specializes in protecting its clients’ rights and assets during even the most complex divorces.