If you are one of the hundreds of motorcycle drivers involved in an accident in Maryland every year, there are many questions that you might have in the aftermath. At Hoffman, Comfort, Offutt, Scott & Halstad, we work with drivers in the aftermath of Maryland motorcycle accidents to help them find a path forward and receive the restitution that they deserve.

There are many differences between Maryland motorcycle accidents and Maryland car accidents that might make your claim different. Things can be more complicated by stereotypes about motorcycle drivers. These make working with an experienced attorney like the team at Hoffman, Comfort, Offutt, Scott & Halstad even more important. Here are some of the things that all drivers and motorcycle drivers should know about motorcycle accidents in Maryland.

6 Things to Know About Maryland Motorcycle Accidents

  1. How many motorcycle accidents happen every year in Maryland?

Every year, there are about 1,800 motorcycle accidents in the state of Maryland. Tragically, some years there are over 75 motorcycle deaths as a result. Because there is less to protect you, severe injuries are ten times more likely with motorcycle crashes than car accidents. Because serious injuries are more common, that also means that their injury costs are also higher. Working with a law firm can help to make sure that you get the money you need to cover the costs of your treatment.

  1. Should I see a doctor after a motorcycle accident even if I feel okay?

Absolutely. Many people fail to get medical treatment after an accident because they still have high levels of adrenaline that can prevent them from feeling bruises, injuries and even broken bones. There are also dangerous internal injuries that can occur and that might not be immediately obvious after an accident. Seeing a doctor is a great way to make sure that nothing is immediately wrong and get a record of your medical care. Be completely honest with the doctor when you visit them and don’t minimize any issues. If you have pain in your left wrist that doesn’t feel bad, it’s better to note that to the doctor in the event things go to court and you find out your left wrist injury was actually quite serious.

  1. If I was not wearing a helmet during the motorcycle accident, do I lose my chance at having a case?

If you were not wearing a helmet when the accident occurred, you can still have a claim for your Maryland motorcycle accidents if you work with the right attorney. As long as not wearing the helmet was not the cause of the accident, you will still have some recourse against the other driver who was negligent. It is important to know that your failure to wear a helmet might make a difference in the amount that you are able to recover.

  1. If the insurance company makes me a settlement offer after my motorcycle accident, should I accept it?

Never immediately accept the initial settlement offer from an insurance company, as this is probably far lower than what you deserve. This settlement will also release the driver from additional liability for the accident forever, which might not be the best path forward. Insurance companies work for their bottom line, so they are often hoping that you accept their first offer so that they can have the case resolved for the lowest amount possible. Our law firm will help you assess the extent of your injuries and create a claim that addresses the true value that you deserve.

  1. What types of damages can I recover as part of a motorcycle accident case?

All Maryland motorcycle accidents are different, which means that the damages you recover might be completely different from the damages that someone else can recover. Some of the factors that will impact how much you can recover for your case include:

  • The manner and severity of your injuries
  • If you have a job and how long you were unable to work
  • What type of job you have and whether or not your injuries will affect your ability to go back to work in a timely fashion
  • The other circumstances at play, like whether or not the other driver was intoxicated
  • If you have permanent injuries, scarring or disfigurement that could impact your ability to have the same quality of life or level of activity that you did before the accident
  • And more!

Working with professionals helps to make sure that you get what you deserve.

  1. Why are Maryland motorcycle accidents different from traditional car accidents?

Motorcycles are unique vehicles, which makes them a little bit different when it comes to litigation. Fault is critical in determining the outcome of a case, and that is especially true in Maryland, where if you are found to be even 1% liable for the accident you cannot be compensated by the court. Fault can be very hard to prove in a motorcycle accident case, as the vehicles are small and there are many stereotypes about how motorcycle drivers operate their vehicles. This is why working with the right attorney is so critical. We can help make sure that you have the smoothest case possible and that you are treated fairly by insurance companies and the court, even if they might have pre-existing biases against motorcycle drivers like you.

Help for Accident Victims After Maryland Motorcycle Accidents

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