Losing a loved one can be a trying time for any family. Grief and loss consume an incredible amount of time and mental energy. If you have to deal with a loved one’s Last Will and Testament and probating an estate with either Maryland Register of Wills or Pennsylvania Register of Wills, then consider consulting with a knowledgeable estate attorney. Here are five reasons why hiring an estate lawyer can help your family:

  1. Legal Expertise: The average person deals with estates infrequently. They have no reason to know the right things to do in light of the unique challenge of estate administration. Our attorneys administer estates every day and are well-prepared to advise you and your family about the pitfalls and opportunities an estate entails.
  2. Probate Process: Opening an estate in Maryland or Pennsylvania requires paperwork with the Register of Wills, notices to family members, and potentially handling the sale and title of assets. All of these matters are complex and can cause unintended legal consequences if not handled skillfully and correctly.
  3. Tax Matters: In addition to death taxes, an estate is responsible for income taxes as well. The rules on all of these matters are complex and a Personal Representative can accidentally run afoul of the Maryland ComptrollerPennsylvania Department of Revenue, or the IRS. A skilled attorney can maximize tax savings in an estate and make sure all the proper rules are followed.
  1. Time: Administering an estate is a time-consuming matter. Oftentimes, the Personal Representative is left doing the work for the benefit of an entire family. Hiring an attorney eases that burden and helps conclude an estate as promptly as the law allows.
  2. Family Harmony: Sometimes estate administration requires tough decisions. The Will can have unexpected provisions, or there may be no way to make everyone happy. A good estate attorney can help alleviate tension and promote understanding rather than acrimony. It’s better to have someone help you and your family avoid common pitfalls than try to have an attorney provide assistance after a problem already arises.

After the death of a loved one, consulting with an estate attorney in Maryland or Pennsylvania can save time, money, and headaches. The attorneys at Hoffman, Comfort, Offutt, Scott, & Halstad, LLP have the knowledge and expertise to assist you with an estate. Investing with an attorney initially will help you and your family properly manage and conclude an estate.

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